Friday, May 30, 2008

Post No. 4 Vegging out watching a playoff basketball game

After a quick meal and some time to relax, this is how I felt while watching the game... The TV is on, but I'm not really watching... too tired... A good night's rest, and I'll be a new man!

peace and buona notte ragazzi-

sean jones nyc

Post No. 3 End of a looong week at work...

The workweek was a long one... By the end of the day today, I couldn't see straight and didn't want to look at another file or write up another evaluation. I put them away, locked the file drawer and headed for home in Manhattan. Problem was... traffic was atrocious so the normal 45 min. commute ended up being an epic two-hour journey...Thanks to NPR and Bloomberg Radio, at least I had an opportunity to catch up on happenings around the world... Yay Weekend! peace- sean jones nyc

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Second Post: Another Rainy Commute in NYC

The downpour during the drive back to Manhattan a few days ago was a sight to be seen! Traffic came to a crawl/ halt, and my wipers couldn't clear the rain fast enough... While stopped at a light, I turned off the wipers, grabbed my trusty Nikon D50 50mm/ f1.8 out of my bag and snapped this shot. The effect of the water with the tail-lights of the SUV in front of me made for some interesting light patterns/ configurations. My high-school photography teacher once said: "Always keep a camera nearby for interesting photo-ops..." - good advice sean jones nyc

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My first blog post

You won't find too much verbiage on this blog...mostly my photographs...this photo was taken on a particularly rainy morning last week on my way to work. Nikon D50- 50mm/ f1.8 - a great little lens (and super inexpensive)! Don't let the 100 dollar price fool you...
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