Monday, June 2, 2008

Post No. 8 New Nikons Comming?

No photo for today just yet, but I had to write about the bubbling rumors of a Nikon D400, which is a full frame (Fx format) DSLR in a D300 size camera body. I've heard another name being thrown around - D10. I can't wait to upgrade to an Fx version of the D300 (or some Nikon equivalent to the Cannon 5D) and I hope that by the time I am ready, summer '09, the prices will have dropped. peace- sean jones nyc

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Post No. 7 Working on a Sunday Evening to Stay in the Game in NYC

Gazing out of the window of our apartment, I noticed the lights on in this office across the way. I don't know what the folks over there do, but they work like dogs. Those lights are always on and people are there working - or appear to be working- every day of the week. In some ways, this photo epitomizes the dedication, desire, and yes- desperation to stay competitive in this dog-eat-dog city. If your not ahead of your competition, or your skills slip, you're done in this town! So get to work! No time to waste! peace- sean jones nyc

Post No. 6 Rubber Empire State Building

A beauty of a day in NYC! I saw this interesting reflection of the Empire State Building, looking north from Bryant Park. Notice how the limestone, granite, steel and glass building seems to twist and bend like rubber. Kind of like looking through a Fun House mirror...


sean jones nyc

Post No. 5 Hanging out in Union Sqare NYC

My girlfriend, Veronica and I were hanging out in Union Square, Saturday evening, when I took this shot with my Nikon D50, 50mm f/1.8. It was a beautifully humid day, with a warm, soothing breeze. Although the thunder and lightning had already begun, the hundreds of people hanging out in the park refused to leave, and continued dancing, skateboarding, listening to music and people watching... that is, until we had to seek cover when inevitable cleansing rain came.


sean jones nyc