Sunday, June 7, 2009

Post No. 98 Full Moon Over the Hudson

Hudson River, Tappan Zee Bridge
Nyack, NY
I know that this photo has many technical flaws, however, I couldn't resist taking this photo. I looked out of my living room window last night, and this is what I saw. The luminosity of the moon, the clear sky, the reflection of the moonlight on the hudson river, and the lights of the Tappan Zee Bridge made the scene so breathtaking in person. I just had to shoot it! My tripod was in my car, several blocks away, and I was being lazy. I stepped out to the fire escape and snapped this handheld. I tried to keep the camera as steady as possible, but this was the best I could do.


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Heather Ainsworth said...

Love it! Been meaning to capture something similar myself, but it's been overcast for the last three nights! Very nice job creating such a cool and moody (in a good way) photo!

magicpolaroid said...

really interesting photos!
ciao, Luis