Saturday, August 22, 2009

Post No. 127 Nyack Orange

Nyack, NY It's been steamy, hot and humid in the greater NYC area for the last two weeks. Fantastically dramatic thunderstorms, full of brilliant lightning, booming thunder, torrential downpours have become quite frequent in this time, as well. Yesterday was no exception. At about 4pm, the skies darkened and the thunder drums began to pound in the distance. I looked out of my window across the Hudson and observed ominous clouds converging from the north and south, onto Westchester and Tarrytown, NY. The strong gusts of wind violently whipped tree branches and created waves and whitecaps on the river, rocking the sailboats in the local marina. I actually saw a funnel cloud form and quickly dissipate... Then a wall of rain crawled slowly toward my side of the river. The storm lasted for about an hour, then the sun began to peek through the clouds. The sky never completely cleared, but the colors created by the evening sunlight bouncing off the clouds was striking. I went for a stroll with my camera, looking for a rainbow, which I found, but unfortunately, the light wasn't sufficient to get a good snap. But, as they say in photography, as you look at your subject from one direction, turn around and look at the lighting sky from a different point of view (pov), you might be surprised at what you see... The image in the photograph above is what I saw when I turned around... Any thoughts? ~peace & love seanjonesfoto


Christy said...

From a non-photographer and non-creative person standpoint, that is an absolutely awesome photo! I can hardly believe that was naturally that color! Way cool.

Arnaud said...

Very nice shot !
I came through Magic Lantern Show.

Heather Ainsworth said...

soooo beautiful! the color kills me!

Queen of Mayhem said...

Wow... I don't know who you are... I just found your blog through a series of other blogs... and when I saw this photo I thought NYACK, NY!!

I grew up there!

Love the sunset. Love home. :)