Monday, February 1, 2010

Post No. 146 Devohn Walker- Stylist- NYC style icon

I've always wanted to photograph Amsterdam Billiards and Bar in Union Square at night... I love the design of the art deco signage and the way the brilliant red neon illuminates the corner of 4th Ave and E. 11th Street. So, after I took the initial image (top), I decided to get closer for more detailed shots... As I walked towards the hall, I noticed a silhouetted figure in front of the neon red billiards sign (second photo). It was a cool-looking scene that I couldn't pass up on. I stepped closer, and the gentleman turned around. He was dressed immaculately, with a striking and distinctive that I had seen before, but couldn't quite picture when or where... He introduced himself as Devohn Walker. He had a pleasant and relaxed demeanor, which complimented his style perfectly. After we conversed for a few minutes, he agreed to allow me to photograph him, I snapped several more photos, including the last two you see in this post... I have to apologize to Devohn that I cut off some of his shoes in the full-body portrait. (My bad...) We exchanged emails, so I could let him know when I posted these photographs, and I was off on my way. As I walked down towards Houston to meet up with my friend, Rok, I remembered where I had seen Devohn before... in a post of the Sartorialist from October, 2008 (here's the link: ) .
Anyhow...Devohn, I hope you like the pics and be well, my friend.
~peace and love


MissMoll said...

These are great pics. Wow, what a character. Seems like Kris Kross is coming back.

Diane said...

That guy stepped right out of the 80's and early 90's with his high top fade...that's probably where you saw the style before...I can't believe someone is still smoking a cigarette with a cigarette, that's straight out of the 20's & 30' about Retro!