Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Post No. 112 Caught in the Rain

Nyack, NY
It started off as a beautiful, sunny day... I woke up early, read a little, did some writing, and walked Casey, the adorable Bearded Collie I've been watching for the past week. After bringing Casey back to the house, I grabbed my camera, as I usually do, and went for a stroll around town (Nyack, NY). Not a cloud in the sky... The sun felt warm on my skin, and the subtle breeze ensured it didn't become uncomfortable... The typical sights of Nyack were in abundance: cyclists; runners; walkers; children; and families... There was a post-holiday weekend buzz of worker bees getting back to the daily grind- delivery men and their trucks, suits, local shop keepers, antiquers, artists...
I decided to stop by a local restarurant and have a delicious spinach, tomato, smoked salmon, and feta omlet... While chatting it up with a few of the locals, the owner looks out the window and says, "Oh, it's getting cloudy!" Just then, a gentleman walks in and says, "Yup, the storm clouds are rollin' in. Looks like the sky's gonna open up any minute!" Huh!!?? Not having an umbrella, or any cover for my camera, I quickly paid my bill, left a tip, and bolted for the door. I immediately looked up... Ominous, dark clouds! Uh-oh... Well, I think I can make it. In fact, I think I have time to stop by the market to pick up some salad greens, fresh basil, and fruit for lunch and dinner later... I'm usually a fast shopper in stores, as I enter with an idea of exactly what I want. No dilly-dallying with browsing and such. As the cashier rang up my purchase, I look out the window and see a figure walk by with a big umbrella, opened! Raindrops... "Excuse me ma'am? May I have an extra plastic bag?" (Holding my camera up for her to see) "Certainly! But don't put it in the same bag as the grapes. You don't want to squash them."
I walk out of the store and the drops aren't coming down too fast... "Meh, I'll be fine! It's only a half mile up the road!" 100 yards up the road, the skies opened up! I didn't even bother to run, because I was rainsoaked within 5 seconds! Getting caught in the rain without protection always brings me back to my childhood. The urge to jump in the puddles was powerful, but in the end, I decided to snap this self-portrait (poor compo and focus- my self-timer skills are not so hot.) with my nice-and-dry camera! Thanks to the nice cashier at the market! :)

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