Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Post No. 117 Silhouette

Rochester, NY

I was on my way to meet up with an old friend, when I looked up and saw these beautiful colors in the evening sky. So, I made a few quick turns and raced against time to reach the top of Cobb's Hill park and snap this photo before the sky blackened for the night. As usual, I had my trusty Nikon D50 with me, so, at least I didn't have to return to my mom's apartment (where I'm staying while I visit the city I grew up in). I get to Cobb's Hill and motor the Honda up the reservoir road. All I thought to myself was, "get there asap before this beautiful light and color vanish." My thoughts were interrupted by the sudden appearance of flashing lights in my rear view mirror. Fortunately, the lights weren't red; they were yellow. "Yeah, right. You've gotta be kidding me buddy. I appreciate your help with the public safety and all, but I'm not stopping for a parking attendant..." But this guy was on my tail! Alright, alright... "Hey, what's up?" He says, "Sir, two things: 1) you're driving a little too fast- you're doing 25 and the limit is 20 (huh?); and b) (little joke from The Breakfast Club) the gates are closing, so you've gotta get out." "OK officer (uh, Mr. Security guy, how do we address these guys/ gals?)" As he proceeded to bust all of the teens and adulterous married folk making out in their steamy windowed vehicles, I rushed over to a lookout point to snap this photo. I like the result... What do you think? Comments suggestions are welcome.

~peace and love



Glen Hartjes said...

Very nice sunset.

Owen said...

Cool that you were able to get the photo before getting the boot !

Heather Ainsworth said...

omg - sean! It's BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, you have to frame this for yourself, and also give it to your nearest and dearests! I love it!!! And what a great story to boot!? Your photo hustle sounds all too familiar, but this one was extra special as we share hometowns and I imagined your recollection in perfect detail. love it. bravo friend. Your mom's going to love this come Christmas time:)

Donna j. Gehl said...

Great capture Sean.

RandomthoughtsbyRebecca said...

Love this shot - Love that it took a little something extra to get it - so many times I'll see something beautiful and then don't take the time to capture it - your passion for the great shot has paid off again!